Employee Assistance Programs are growing in popularity as more attention is paid to mental health. Studies have shown that businesses using an EAP save between $5 and $16 for every $1 spent.

Challenges at work, long hours, and overall dissatisfaction with work can all contribute to depression. Seasonal changes also impact mental health. In the workplace, depression manifests as difficulty concentrating, missed deadlines, and declined work quality. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), depression is estimated to result in 200 million lost workdays, costing employers between $17 billion and $44 billion annually. A recent study demonstrated that utilization of an EAP greatly reduced the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The study concluded that EAPs are a source of easy-to-access work-based services that can effectively improve employee mental health. However, all EAPs are not created equally, and finding the right one can be tricky. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when looking for an EAP.


  1. Confidential Counseling

The privacy of your employees is of utmost importance. An EAP provider should assure that all sessions between the provider and employee are confidential and will not be reported back to the employer. If the employee is seeking treatment due to an employer mandate, the EAP provider should assure that only attendance to the mandated sessions will be reported, not the content of the session.

  1. Multiple Ways to Access Services

Employees need to be able to access available services multiple ways. A web portal, mobile app, and 24/7/365 access to an immediate and thorough assessment and/or referral are key.

  1. Wraparound Services

In addition to counseling sessions, wraparound services like legal and financial resources and support, virtual personal assistant, and wellness coaching assist employees in regaining normalcy and being productive at work.

  1. Customizable Provider Network

What good is a 50,000 provider network if only a handful are near your employees? Choose an EAP provider who can customize their provider network for your employees, including where they live and work,and that accepts their insurance plans.

  1. Corporate and Supervisory Trainings

EAPs can include training for management and employees. Training topics would range from stress management to how to recognize inappropriate behavior. Supervisory Training should include consultations and ongoing guidance.


eni’s NexGen EAP provides all of the above and more in a comprehensive package that eases the burden on HR professionals and provides needed support for employees. NexGen goes beyond the traditional EAP to promote the total wellbeing of employees by connecting 8 distinct benefits into one cohesive program.

As the line between work and life continues to grow in complexity, it is paramount that employers and HR professionals provide the tools that are right for their employees and the ever-growing mental and emotional health challenges of today’s modern world.

NexGen EAP is dedicated to supporting that successful work-life balance for your employees and offers customizable workplace solutions for clients across all industries. To learn more visit www.eniweb.com or call 1.888.331.4364.