It is no secret that employees who are happy in their environment are more satisfied and productive. Offices designed with comfort in mind represent the organization’s investment in employees’ needs, work styles and overall satisfaction. Creating a space that employees want to spend time in offers employers an unmatched, ongoing attraction and retention solution.

Employers wishing to attract the best and brightest talent may need to create an office without perfectly matching cubicles lined only with standard-issue office supplies and paperwork. Today’s top employers are building workplaces that fit the individual, allowing employees to work where and how they prefer. From standing desks and open concept offices, to colorful décor and casual conference rooms, the modern office is changing the way we work.

Today’s worker has greater control within the economy and therefore has a great deal more impact on employer choices and workplace upgrades. Remote or flexible employees can choose to work in an environment that best suits their needs such as a coffeehouse or outside in a park, whereas physical workspaces are often sterile environments that are not designed with individual employees in mind. To elevate the employee experience and ensure employees want to come into work each morning, many organizations are brainstorming ways to upgrade their spaces while maintaining a realistic budget.

While active employees may benefit most from treadmill desks and standing work stations, parents and caregivers may fare best with flexible scheduling and team-focused workforces may thrive well in open concept office spaces that allow for organic meetings and minimal scheduling conflicts. This focus on individuality is key to meeting the needs of an ever-changing workforce of Millennials, Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers, all of whom have different work styles and expectations.

For budget-strapped employers or those seeking an immediate adjustment to their fluorescent-lit, monotonous office space, a remodel may not be necessary to adjust the workforce’s attitude and boost morale.

  • Update policies to allow for business casual dress or implement a “Casual Friday.” These small adjustments will encourage employees to show their personalities and feel more comfortable in their environment.
  • Encourage employees to decorate their office or cubicle as they please by displaying photos of loved ones or showcasing their favorite coffee mug and unique post-it notes. This permission promotes an appreciation for individuality and encourages employee engagement.
  • Keep ergonomics in mind by upgrading chairs and ensuring keyboards, monitors and other office setup tools are promoting back, neck and arm health.
  • Create breakout spaces of a few chairs or work stations to encourage employees to gather and collaborate outside of traditional meeting spaces.

Whether your organization is able to invest in an office face lift or you choose to make small changes to add comfort and confidence without sparing any major expense, today’s workforce is seeking welcoming, productive environments.

How will you meet today’s ever-evolving workplace needs?