Opioid abuse has become one of the leading challenges for employers in America. Employees that are addicted to opioids are a staggering detriment to productivity and a significant danger to their colleagues in a factory or heavy machinery work environment.

Having to hire third-party companies to select the employees and conduct the drug testing is hitting the bottom line for American businesses. Employees that abuse opiates cost employers nearly twice as much in health-care expenses as their drug free co-workers. Finding and keeping qualified employees is also becoming a costly challenge. Employees that are hired and trained are often not keeping their jobs due to their crippling addiction. The high rate of employee turn-overs is costing employers the opportunity to secure additional business due to the labor squeeze caused by opiate abuse.

Addiction is one of the most painstakingly difficult challenges to overcome and many employers are turning to Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) to help their employees regain control of their lives. Employers are taking a proactive, preventative approach to tackling the opioid abuse crisis in their workplace by implementing an integrated EAP that acts far beyond a counseling service. An integrated EAP service, such as NexGen EAP by eni, offers employers the ability to connect their workforce to a total well-being solution that acts as a safety net for employees during a time of crisis. By offering a complete turn-key platform that integrates easy-to-use access to a variety of life event solutions, employers are able to provide their employees a confidential outlet that eliminates the stigma attached to getting help when they need it most.

Employers that offer comprehensive EAP solutions to their workforce report a 40% decrease in lost time, a 60% reduction in sickness and accident benefit and a 50% decline in filed grievances. Implementing an integrated EAP into the workplace can yield a significant return on investment averaging at a $3.00 return for every dollar invested into an EAP solution.

EAP providers, such as eni, offer premier, affordable solutions to businesses that want to nurture and invest in their most valuable asset – their employees.

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