One of the great new aspects of eni‘s recently upgraded member web portals is the convenient and simple to use ASK-A-COUNSELOR feature.  The ASK-A-COUNSELOR feature is available to eni’s EAP and Work/life clients through their personalized web portals.

Read below to get all the facts on this exciting new feature!

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ASK-A-COUNSELOR is an enhancement to your existing BalanceWorks EAP benefit!  ASK-A-COUNSELOR is an online confidential service that offers professional advice and answers to your non-emergency behavioral health requests.

What are the benefits to using ASK-A-COUNSELOR?

ASK-A-COUNSELOR offers an additional channel of communication between you and eni.  Submitting your questions online is convenient, simple, and available 24/7.

Is ASK-A-COUNSELOR replacing my ability to obtain face-to-face or telephonic counseling sessions?

No, ASK-A-COUNSELOR is not replacing face-to-face or telephonic referrals and counseling session.  It is simply enhancing your connection with eni and expanding access to those who have a behavioral health question that does not require a full counseling session.  ASK-A-COUNSELOR is a reflection of our commitment to enhancing the member experience and the services provided.

Who should use ASK-A-COUNSELOR?

ASK-A-COUNSELOR is appropriate for those who have non emergency behavioral health questions or concerns and who do not need face-to-face counseling or are looking for a more immediate response.

What types of issues are appropriate for the ASK-A-COUNSELOR forum?

  • Tips for managing anxiety and stress
  • Advice for handling basic communication issues
  • General relationship questions and concerns
  • General parenting tips and/or information on eldercare

When is ASK-A-COUNSELOR not appropriate?

ASK-A-COUNSELOR is not intended for emergency counseling or for any issues that require client intake and assessment and would be better addressed through long or short term counseling.

How do I submit an ASK-A-COUNSELOR request?

Simply login to your BalanceWorks web portal and click on the ASK-A-COUNSELOR icon on the left sidebar of your home page.  Then click on the Start New Request tab, read the disclaimer, check yes if you agree and click submit.  Next, simply fill out the form and click the submit button.

Who will respond to my request?

One of eni’s highly trained Master’s level clinicians will respond to your request.

How soon will I receive a response?

You will receive a response to your Ask-A-Counselor request within 2 business days.

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