C Users melissa m Pictures Gene Professional Pic (2) resized 600eni’s CEO, Gene Raymondi,  recently had the opportunity to speak at EAPA’s 2013 World EAP Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  This annual conference is described as “the world’s largest gathering of employee assistance professionals. This is the most intensive and comprehensive learning/networking opportunity dedicated to the growth of the employee assistance profession.”

Mr. Raymondi presented on the power of benefit integration in increasing employee engagement and ROI.  Benefit integration is a hot new trend emerging in the world of human resources.  Benefit integration is the coordination of any combination of employee benefits that were previously separate, in a way that synergistically monitors, manages, and fosters cooperation between benefits. Engagement rates skyrocket when EAPs are integrated with other benefits and promoted as one comprehensive program, with a single entry point. When employee engagement is high, employers start to see their desired return on investment in the form of lower health care costs, increased administrative efficiency, improved morale and increased productivity.

Members of EAPA can access archived sessions from the conference.  Therefore, if you were unable to attend the conference or missed Mr. Raymondi’s session, you are still able to access his engaging presentation on benefit integration.