Benefit Integration eBook

This series discusses the trend toward integrating benefits, opportunities for benefit integration, how integration can positively impact your bottom line, and finally introduces an innovative integrated benefits model.

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Chapter 1: The End of Fragmented Benefits

Chapter 1 includes:

  • The evolution and importance of employee benefits
  • The problems with a fragmented benefit offering
  • Finding a solution through benefit integration
  • Obtaining an integrated benefit partner to support your efforts
  • The trend in the industry toward benefit integration
  • An individual case study of an Ivy League University that integrated its Wellness Program, Health Plans, and Employee Assistance Program

Chapter 2: Benefit Integration’s Positive Impact on Business

Chapter 2 Includes: The array of opportunities for benefit integration

  • How an integrated benefit partner can serve as a support for HR
  • How integrating benefits will increase employee engagement, understanding, and satisfaction
  • A case study of a large national organization that experienced unprecedented results after integrating their Wellness Program, Health Plans, Employee Assistance Program, and Work/Life Program

Chapter 3: Your Integrated Benefits Model

Chapter 3 Includes:

  • The business case for benefit integration
  • How benefit integration will maximize ROI on all benefits
  • The elements of an integrated benefits model
  • Designing a customized integration strategy that works for you